Accepted papers

Short Papers

  1. Rafael Colares, Hervé Kerivin and Annegret Wagler. An Extended Formulation for the Constrained Routing and Spectrum Assignment Problem in Elastic Optical Networks
  2. Sahar Chehrazad, Dirk Roose and Tony Wauters. A Parallel Bottom-Left-Fill Algorithm for Nesting Problems Using a Semi-Discrete Representation
  3. Alfonsina Cardozo, Carolina Guido, Juan Carlos Machín, Pedro Piñeyro and Héctor Cancela. A Mathematical Programming Approach for Determining the Fixture of the Kids’ Carnival Competition in Uruguay
  4. Mauro Lucci, Daniel Severin and Paula Zabala. Integer programs for a simultaneous vehicle routing and crew scheduling problem
  5. María Margarita López de Recalde, Jorge Rafael Vera Andreo, Lluís Miquel Plá Aragonés and Jorge Luis Recalde Ramírez. A Mixed Integer Programming model for peasant farmers in developing countries: A study case from Paraguay
  6. Germán Faller, Antonio Mauttone, Pedro Piñeyro and Matías Gutiérrez. Optimal location of loading/unloading bays in urban areas, model and case study
  7. Valeria Leoni, Mariana Escalante and María Inés Lopez Pujato. New polynomial circular-arc instances of tuple domination in graphs
  8. Fernanda Salazar, Sandra Gutiérrez, Luis M Torres, Ramiro Torres, Fernando Jiménez and Emilio Pérez. Mixed integer programming formulations for a non-preemptive parallel machine scheduling problem
  9. Justo Puerto. Conic Linear programming game
  10. Jéssica Costa, Marcia Fampa, Wendel Melo and Fernanda Maria Raupp. Modeling demand-price dependence in lot-sizing optimization
  11. Luis Rojo-González and Óscar C. Vásquez. On the distribution of nutritional status transition probabilities through a hierarchical beta mixture model
  12. Benjamin Parfitt and Darren Strash. Partial k-plex Enumeration for Feature Filtering and a Novel Application in the Geosciences
  13. Paulo H. M. Araújo, Ricardo C. Corrêa, Manoel Campelo and Martine Labbé. Integer Programming Models for the Geodesic Classification Problem on Graphs
  14. Tadeo Saldívar, Jorge Recalde, María López and Diego Pinto-Roa. Selection of schools in the district of Abaí using a bi-objective MILP model
  15. Mariana Escalante, Paola Tolomei, Martín Matamala, Iván Rapaport and Luis M Torres. The Load Minimization Problem on cycles
  16. Diego Delle Donne, Mariana Escalante and María Elisa Ugarte. Implementing cutting planes for the chromatic violation problem

Extended Abstracts

  1. Carlos Rey, Alan Osorio-Mora, Paolo Toth and Daniele Vigo. An Iterated Tabu Search for the Multi-Depot Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem
  2. Alan Osorio-Mora, Carlos Rey, Paolo Toth and Daniele Vigo. Solving the latency location routing problem with hybrid metaheuristics
  3. Sebastián Taboh, Isabel Mendez-Diaz and Paula Zabala. An Exact Algorithm for Power Scheduling with Interruptions and Energy Consumption Bounds for Residential Demand in Smart Grid
  4. Diego Delle Donne, Alberto Santini and Claudia Archetti. An extended IP formulation for the Freight on Transport problem
  5. Silvio Alexandre de Araujo, Pedro Andrade, Adriana Cherri and Felipe Lemos. Integrated Lot Sizing and Cutting Stock Problem in the Truck Suspension Industry
  6. Bart Vangerven, Dirk Briskorn, Dries Goossens and Frits Spieksma. Parliament Seating Assignment Problems
  7. Nathalia Wolf, Pablo Escalona, Alejandro Angulo and Jorge Weston. On Carbon Taxes Effectiveness to Induce a Technological Transition: A Strategic Capacity Planning Based Analysis
  8. Cristian E. R. Saavedra and Rosa D. Medina. Adaptation of Vogel’s method for solving the Unbalanced Assignment Problem
  9. Roger Z. Ríos, Maria Gabriela Sandoval and Juan A Díaz. An exact algorithm for districting with p-center-based dispersion minimization
  10. Rodolfo Mendoza Gómez and Roger Z. Ríos Mercado. Location of Primary Health Care Units in Multi-Institutional Health Care System
  11. Stefano Novellani. Last-mile deliveries with drone and lockers
  12. Victor Blanco, Elena Fernández and Yolanda Hinojosa. Hub Location Models with protection under failures
  13. Citlali Olvera, Yasmín Ríos and Roger Ríos. A simulation and optimization approach to reduce bus bunching in urban transport
  14. Nicolás García Aramouni and Juan Jose Miranda Bront. Sports scheduling and managerial aspects: insights for Argentina’s National Basketball League
  15. Gonzalo Lera Romero, Juan Jose Miranda Bront and Francisco Soulignac. A Branch-Cut-and-Price Algorithm for the Time-Dependent Electric Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows
  16. Jonás Levy Alfie, Gonzalo Lera Romero, Juan Jose Miranda Bront and Francisco Soulignac. An Enhanced Branch-and-Price Algorithm for the Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows over Road Networks
  17. Brian Curcio, Isabel Mendez-Diaz and Paula Zabala. The sum adjacent vertex distinguishing edge coloring problem: an integer programming approach
  18. Michel Gendreau, Fabian Alejandro Torres Duran and Walter Rei. Crowd-shipping: An Open VRP Variant with Stochastic Destinations
  19. Elena Fernández and Manuel Munoz-Marquez. Strategic berth template problems with homogeneous and heterogeneous frequencies
  20. Retsef Levi, Georgia Perakis and Gonzalo Romero. Sparse Solutions for the Unbounded Minimum Knapsack Problem with Procurement Applications
  21. Gabriel Bayá, Antonio Mauttone and Franco Robledo. Network design model to determine optimal bicycle infrastructure
  22. Miguel Constantino, Marta Mesquita, Susete Marques and José Borges. Optimizing the extraction of timber from a large forest
  23. Victor Blanco and Ricardo Gázquez. Fairness in Maximal Covering Location Problems
  24. Sina Gläser, Christian Ullrich and Shqiperim Llumnica. Multi-resource balancing – a case of a German kitchen manufacturer
  25. Diana Lucia Huerta Muñoz, Roger Z. Ríos-Mercado and Jesús Fabián López Pérez. Solving the integration of storage location and order picking activities in a warehouse
  26. Juan C. Pina-Pardo, Daniel F. Silva, Alice E. Smith and Ricardo A. Gatica. The Vehicle Routing Problem with Release Dates and Drone Resupply
  27. Juan Valencia, Margaret Armstrong, Guido Lagos and Xavier Emery. Constructing branching trees of geostatistical simulations
  28. Davi Mecler, Victor Abu-Marrul, Rafael Martinelli and Arild Hoff. Iterated Greedy Algorithm for a Complex Parallel Machine Scheduling Problem
  29. David Winkelmann and Michael Roemer. E-grocery distribution logistics: The storage location assignment problem
  30. Marcelo Bianchetti and Javier Marenco. A primal heuristic for the routing and spectrum allocation problem
  31. Lucas Addisi, Ricardo Barriopedro, Carlos Di Masi, Ivo Koch, Javier Marenco, Marcelo Mydlarz, Lautaro Tacchini and Leonel Vitale. A backtracking-based procedure for a three-dimensional packing problem
  32. Diego Fuentes, Rodrigo Carrasco and Eduardo Moreno. Approximation algorithm for resource-constrained project scheduling in underground mining operations
  33. Jo Ang Pike, Abtin Nourmohammadzadeh, Xiaoning Shi and Stefan Voß. Integrated Vessel and Crew Scheduling in Maritime Shipping
  34. Helena García and Rodrigo Carrasco. Energy Storage Management Strategies under Uncertain Generation
  35. Anthony D. Cho, Rodrigo Carrasco and Gonzalo Ruz. Prescriptive maintenance scheduling
  36. Jorge Pereira Gude and Marcus Ritt. Balancing chains in assembly lines with worker-dependent task times
  37. Carmen-Ana Domínguez, Elena Fernández and Armin Lüer-Villagra. A profit-maximizing hub network design problem considering hub congestion, time-sensitive demands and 2-stop paths
  38. Leticia Pavanello, Carlos Diego Rodrigues and Adriana Cherri. A sliding window matheuristic to the floorplanning of VLSI circuits
  39. Manuela Blaum and Javier Marenco. Generalization of rank inequalities for several MIP models
  40. Monique Guignard-Spielberg. Using Lagrangean Decomposition for computing improved RLT bounds for some quadratic 0-1 optimization problems with linear constraints
  41. Karla C. Alvarez-Uribe, Roberto Perez-Franco, Augusto Serna-Uran and Juan G. Villegas. A time-space network formulation for the planning of delivery using mobile depots from an urban consolidation centre
  42. Antonio Alonso-Ayuso, Monique Guignard-Spielberg, Jean-Christophe Kalka, Shanshan Luo, Jingyi Pan, Takeshi Shirabe, Andrés Weintraub and Zhen Xiong. Forestry: managing economies of scale
  43. Federico Bertero, Manuela Cerdeiro, Guillermo A. Durán and Nazareno A. Faillace Mullen. Optimization tools for the zonification and routing of garbage collection trucks in the Argentine city of Berazategui
  44. Nelson Torres and Eduardo Moreno. Optimization of steel production planning considering continuous-casting and rolling processes