Javiera Barrera

Javiera Barrera is an associate professor at the Faculty of Engineering and Sciences in Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez (UAI).  Her research interests combine stochastic processes, stochastic optimization, and reliable network design. She holds a double Ph.D. degree from Université Paris-Descartes and Universidad de Chile.  She has an undergraduate degree in Mathematical Engineering, which was obtained as well from Universidad de Chile. She is the Chilean RAREDEP research project coordinator, where researchers from Uruguay, Brazil, and France study the simulation of dependent failures using rare event techniques. She is also an associate researcher in a collaborative project such as the Operations Research In Energy & Climate Change, Stochastic Models of Disordered and Complex Systems, and other research projects.  Her research has been published in prestigious journals such as Mathematical Programming, Annals of Operations Research,  IEEE transactions on reliability and Annals of Applied Probability.

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